Consul General Zhang Meifang contributes an article entitled "West's false narratives are more infectious than the virus"

China is in the midst of adjusting its response measures around the Covid-19 virus and its variants. This in itself should not be alarming nor uniquely newsworthy, but encouraging, uplifting even, as any body of government led by responsible leaders will amend its approaches with new information, new conditions. It is the sign of good leadership. Especially when applied with good science.

What does this updated version look like? And why is it receiving so much attention from the west and its media apparatus? Let us address these separately, as the answers and motives thereof require such.

After a comprehensive assessment of the pandemic situation, China is adjusting its response measures. This adjustment includes:

The reclassification of the virus to a Class B instead of the more serious Class A infectious diseases, and the management thereof in accordance with the law;

The dropping of testing requirements for travelers upon arrival to China as well as previous quarantine requirements for those that test positive while in country;

In general, a shifting of focus from stemming infections to preventing severe cases and further minimising the impact of Covid-19 on economic and social activities.

These adjustments are consistent with China’s science-based approach toward governance throughout the pandemic, one aligned with national conditions. As with all nations, China knows best its capabilities, capacities in service to its people. Measured approaches have been taken throughout the pandemic with information as this in its possession. New measures are now to be put into effect in accordance with new information and a change in national conditions, including the improvements in understanding of the virus and capacity building to ensure the healthy and safe passage, stewardship of a nation and its people through these unprecedented times. Included in this are vaccine production levels that have now reached 7 billion doses annually, as well as ensuring of supply of relevant medicines and antigen testing reagents across the country.

Focus is changing with changing conditions, new information. As well, capacities in dealing with a pandemic on a scale of 1.4 billion in number, near 20% of the world’s population. This is what responsible leadership does. This is what China’s leadership continues to do. With the safety and well-being of its people at the forefront of all decisions at all times. 

Remarkably, supply is not an issue. Yet, the demand for truth remains.

Which raises the second question to be addressed: why exactly is this updating of China’s policies and practices around the Covid-19 virus receiving so much attention by western media and its representative governments – and unflatteringly so? What are the true motives behind this, and at a time in human history when working together in a collegial manner, demonstration of a cooperative spirit is more critical than perhaps at any time previous?

Simply, it is a matter of politics over people, the people by and for which these institutions have been created. A form of politics more dangerous even than a virus, one that has proven both menace and messenger, challenging the world health order while holding a mirror to the world with respect to our willingness to work together. And a window into a world of distortions, infectious the spread of falsehoods can be in creating an alternate reality that serves no healthy end for any of us. And threatens the well being of all of us.

The truth? Life and work are returning to normal not only in the capital Beijing but across all of China. This is good news and in accordance with the will of the people, as well their health, wealth and happiness by measures most meaningful. Most unfortunately, what also appears to be classified as normal these days is the anti-China sentiment and systemic rhetoric and false narratives driven by western media and other government apparatus that serve no useful purpose at all. Other than to stoke – unnecessarily and with consequence – fear as a means of justifying the actions of certain nations and its leaders at the demise of truth; a truth their people – all people – deserve to have told them. 

For what is the purpose of forging a more healthy life path forward for a world and its people if that very world is maintained under a false storyline, one that creates ‘bogeymen’ and manufacturers enemies to serve only in delaying the inevitable. That inevitability? That the world is ushering in a new paradigm, one that places the needs of the many over those of the few. And in doing so promises a new era of prosperity and vitality for all nations under the spirit of acceptance and cooperation. This, a narrative that will ultimately hold as truth for all.

So, let us get on with getting along. Put aside these games played by petty tyrants, their self-serving ways. And get on with the greater game at hand. One that includes all. One that serves all. One well overdue that has found its timing in today. With all the challenges we face, those most challenging as changing pandemics, changing climates, consumption patterns and economic stagnations as we seek higher elevations, these as issues of the day that may only be faced and addressed together as one in provision for a more promising and beneficial tomorrow for all. 

I find this brilliant in some odd manner that we may only overcome challenges as these, make provision for a more promising future for all, by forging a new and better way through bridges erected where others locked in a mindset best left to the past may rather build walls. There will be no place for walls in the future. Only bridges. 

So I say let us get on with more constructive means of construction. And tell a better story for future humanity, by simply telling the truth while on this adjoined journey.

Infectious such storytelling may be for those mired in the ways of yesterday. When tomorrow beckons all. And truth will win the day.