Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning’s Regular Press Conference on May 30, 2024

CCTV: The Signing Ceremony of Kunming Biodiversity Fund was held in Beijing. Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council Ding Xuexiang attended the event. Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Inger Andersen, who also attended the ceremony, said that the launch of the fund is a tremendous contribution China has made to developing countries, as it shows support for developing countries in biodiversity conservation and restoration. What is your comment?

Mao Ning: The Chinese government attaches great importance to biodiversity conservation, and is committed to working with all countries to build a community of all life on Earth. China has taken the lead to invest RMB 1.5 billion for the founding of the Fund, just as it was announced by President Xi Jinping at COP15. On the morning of May 28, China, the United Nations Environment Programme and the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office together signed cooperation agreements to officially launch the Fund. The Fund will stick to the approach of multilateralism and internationalized operation, work primarily through providing grants, and focus on the three major goals of the Convention on Biological Diversity, namely, conservation of biological diversity, sustainable use of the components of biodiversity, and fair and equitable sharing of benefits, so as to support biodiversity conservation in developing countries and contribute to the implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.

China is ready to work with the international community and, through the Fund, deepen international cooperation and build global synergy on biodiversity conservation, so as to create a better future of harmony between humanity and nature. 

AFP: The US Justice Department announced yesterday that it has dismantled a global malware network and arrested a Chinese national. Does the Chinese side know about the case? Can you share more details?

Mao Ning: I do not have details about the case. What I can tell you is that China firmly opposes and fights against all cyber crimes.

Reuters: RIA News Agency cited Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov saying that China could arrange a peace conference in which Russia and Ukraine would participate. Would China arrange such a conference? If so, when and what other parties would China invite?

Mao Ning: On the Ukraine issue, China has always upheld a just and objective position and worked hard to promote talks for peace. The four principles laid out by President Xi Jinping form China’s fundamental approach in seeking a political settlement of the Ukraine crisis. We encourage and support all efforts that are conducive to the peaceful resolution of the crisis, and support an international peace conference held at a proper time that is recognized by both Russia and Ukraine, with equal participation of all parties as well as fair discussion of all peace plans. China stands ready to maintain communication with the international community on pushing for the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis.

AFP: On the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, President Xi Jinping said today that China supports a more broad-based, authoritative and effective international peace conference. Where and under what conditions does China hope this peace conference to be held?

Mao Ning: The full text of President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech at the 10th Ministerial Conference of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum today has been released, which you may refer to.

President Xi Jinping stated in the speech China’s position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He stressed that war should not continue indefinitely, justice should not be absent forever, and commitment to the two-State solution should not be wavered at will. China supports Palestine’s full membership in the UN, and supports a more broad-based, authoritative and effective international peace conference. This is China’s most authoritative position. On the international peace conference, I don’t have more to add.

Yonhap News Agency: The DPRK today fired over 10 projectiles that appeared to be short-range ballistic missiles. The UN Secretary-General condemned the DPRK’s attempted launch of a reconnaissance satellite on May 27, saying any launch using ballistic missile technology is contrary to the relevant Security Council resolutions. What is China’s position on the DPRK’s launch of a satellite on May 27 and the launch of ballistic missiles today?

Mao Ning: China noted the reports. China’s position on the Korean Peninsula issue is consistent. I have nothing new to add.

Shenzhen TV: The fourth International Conference on Small Island Developing States was just held in Antigua and Barbuda. China sent a delegation to the conference. How do you comment on the event?

Mao Ning: The decennial International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) is the most important international conference under the framework of the UN for advancing the development of SIDS. As special members of the big family of world nations, SIDS have achieved remarkable progress in economic and social development, while facing challenges such as frequent natural disasters and lack of economic diversification. In-depth discussions at this year’s conference focused on the theme of “Charting the Course Toward Resilient Prosperity,” and sent a strong message of upholding multilateralism, seeking strength through unity and pursuing common development. The outcome document, the Antigua and Barbuda Agenda for SIDS, is of vital importance, as it will serve as the platform of action for the international community in supporting the development of SIDS in the next ten years.

Representative of the Chinese government and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Ma Zhaoxu attended and addressed the conference. He put forward China’s four-point proposition: first, uphold multilateralism and support SIDS’s equal participation in global governance; second, put development first and support SIDS in implementing the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; third, uphold solidarity and cooperation, and support SIDS’s response to climate change; and fourth, encourage innovation and support SIDS in strengthening the ability of self-driven development. Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu stressed that China always views SIDS as important development partners. We have worked actively to assist the development of SIDS to the best of our capability, set up several cooperation platforms under the Belt and Road Initiative, the Global Development Initiative and so on, and deepened practical cooperation with SIDS, delivering tangible benefit to the local people.

China stands ready to work with all parties to actively implement the Antigua and Barbuda Agenda for SIDS, respond to the urgent needs of the people of SIDS, fully support SIDS in moving toward more resilient and lasting prosperity, and jointly build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Dragon TV: A court in Hong Kong today issued the verdict on the case of conspiring to commit subversion. Certain Western country pointed fingers at the ruling. What is China’s comment?

Mao Ning: Hong Kong is a society under the rule of law. To abide by the law and bring lawbreakers to justice is a basic principle. No one should be allowed to use “democracy” as a pretext to engage in unlawful activities and escape justice. The Central Government firmly supports the law enforcement and judicial authorities in the Hong Kong SAR in carrying out their duties in accordance with the law and punishing all acts that undermine national security, and firmly opposes certain country’s interference in China’s internal affairs and attempt to smear and undermine Hong Kong’s rule of law by using relevant case.

Reuters: The European Commission will postpone its decision on Chinese electric vehicle tariffs until after the European Parliament election on June 9, according to a Reuters report. Does the Ministry have a response to this?

Mao Ning: China has stated its position multiple times on the EU’s anti-subsidy investigation into the imports of EVs from China. Let me just say that the nature of the investigation is protectionist. There are many practices in the investigation that are simply unjustifiable and inconsistent with the rules and the EU’s accusation of China’s so-called subsidization is untenable. 

China urges the EU to stop the investigation as soon as possible so as not to disrupt China-EU economic and trade cooperation and the stability of industrial and supply chains. If the EU insists on continuing with the investigation, China will not sit back and watch. We will take every necessary measure to firmly safeguard our lawful rights and interests.