Notice on an Additional Nucleic Acid Test 7 days before Passengers depart from the UK to China

In view of recent increase of imported Covid-19 infection cases from the UK, adjustments are made to the requirements for nucleic acid test by people travelling from the UK to China in accordance with the relevant prevention guidelines and in order to prevent further spread of Covid-19 and protect the health and safety of travellers.

Starting from 2nd September 2021, people travelling from the UK to China are required to take an additional nucleic acid test 7 days before departure and monitor 7-day personal health status after the test.

I. The additional nucleic acid test is required 7 days prior to the date of departure from the UK. For example, if the departure from the UK is on a Friday, the test needs to be taken on the Friday of the previous week.

The test must be done at a legally registered clinic in the UK. If the test result is positive, the application for HDC can only be done after full recovery of health and under the category of "persons who has a Covid-19 infection record". If the test result is negative, the report should be uploaded with other required documents when applying for the HDC green code.

II. Personal Health Monitoring Form (attached at the end of this notice) must be downloaded and printed out, or copied by hand on a piece of paper if there is no printer, in advance of application for HDC. Applicants must monitor and fill out 7- day personal health status truthfully until the date of application for the HDC green code, sign and date the filled Form, and upload it together with other documents required for the application.

III. The Notice on Designated Institutions for Nucleic Acid and IgM Antibody Tests for Personnel Intending to Travel to China still applies. Click here for details.

IV. The tests in I. and III. must be taken at different clinics.

V. For departures from the UK on 9th September or afterwards, the test specified in I. must be taken on 2nd September or 7 days prior to the departure date respectively.

For departures on 8th September or earlier, the test specified in I. is not required.

In any cases, the requirements in II. about monitoring and filling out personal health status are required.

VI. For inquiry, please contact your nearby Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General.

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