Notice on Updated Requirements for Visa Application

1. Due to the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic in the U.K., the Chinese Embassy and Consulates-General in the U.K. will accept ordinary visa applications from the following applicants only:

1) Applicant who has obtained an "Invitation Letter (PU/TE)" or a "Verification Confirmation of Invitation" issued by the Foreign Affairs Office of the provincial government or the provincial department of commerce of the intended place of visit for visiting China for economic, trade, scientific or technological purposes;

2) Applicant who has obtained a "Notification Letter of Foreigners Work Permit" as well as an "Invitation Letter (PU/TE)" or a "Verification Confirmation of Invitation" for working in China;

3)Applicant who intends to visit an immediate family member (foreign nationals included) in China (including parents, spouse, children, grandparents, grandchildren) who is in critical medical condition and in need of care, or to arrange funeral matters of an immediate family member in China;

Photocopies of medical certificate or death certificate, proof of relationships (including birth certificate, marriage certificate, Chinese household registration, certificate letter from the local police bureau in China, notarial certificate of kinship, etc.), and an invitation letter from relatives in China are required.

4) Applicant who qualifies for a crew (C) visa.

5) Applicant (including accompanying spouse and children under the age of 18) who qualifies for a high-level talent (R) visa.

Applicants above are required to fill in the online application form and make an appointment with the nearest Chinese Visa Service Application Centre (CVASC) before submitting applications in person on the date of appointment. Children under the age of 14 and adults above the age of 70 are not required to go to the CVASC for biometric information collection.

2. From 1st December 2020, diplomatic, service or courtesy visa applicants shall also submit applications at the CVASC. The applicants are not required to pre-book appointment time slots, but shall complete and print out the online application forms through the CVASC in advance.

3. Applicants who apply for visas for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or Macao Special Administrative Region can submit applications to the CVASC during business hours with no need for pre-booked appointments.

4. Visa applications for other visiting purposes which are not included above will not be accepted at the moment.

Please be advised that the above are temporary arrangements and subject to further change. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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